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Henrietta Reyes

Author Spotlight

The author of many favorite and much-loved children’s books, Henrietta Reyes creates books exclusively for Gold Key Books. Her full-color, illustrated books for kids include a wide variety of topics, subject matter, and stories but always focus on strong, optimistic messages for kids and most importantly, fun.


Our Favorite Book From Henrietta Reyes

Lu Lu Little Penguin – A Gentle Bedtime Picture Story Book For Kids & Toddlers Ages 2-8


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A cute, little picture storybook that offers time to read together with this simple, little explorer story of Lu Lu Little Penguin. Illustrated with love and enchanting, easy text.

Lu Lu Little Penguin is a picture book, a storybook, and a very approachable little keepsake book for children of all ages.

A warm and inviting little book for family story-time that helps strengthen love for books and reading

Lu Lu Little Penguin provides imagination and creativity for your children.

Rich and vivid illustrations and beautifully written, simple text for all ages.

★ Colorful 8.5 X 8.5 Full Color Illustrations.

★ Easy To Read, Approachable Story

★ A Sweet, Cute Little Story With Adorable Full Color Pictures On Every Page

✓ Written, Designed & Published In The USA

✓ Educator Approved

✓ Suitable For All Ages And Anyone That Loves Traditional, Simple Children’s Books For Bedtime And Quiet Moments Of Imagination.

“Avalon Media Interactive consistently publishes some of the most innovative titles on the market today.”


Robert Myers • Satisfied Customer


“Excellent delivery.
I loved this book. Beautifully designed & fun to use!”

Isabella Morton

“I’ve read a few Zombie books in my time and they tend to be heavy on the gore but light on plotting and quality of writing. Albino Cannibal Women Killers addresses that. There are outrageous and utterly wrong sex scenes, corrupt and downright remiss police officers, fallen women, Hollywood leading lights and, most importantly, midgets.

Reading this was just so much fun. A lot of the scenes are out of order by most standards but I was holding back tears of laughter. Honestly, if you want to kick back and soak up some zombie loving, flesh eating and a good deal more besides, I heartily recommend this book.”